What Are the Best Big Data Certifications?

2017 is not turing out to be a very fruitful year for traditional job fields like engineering, entrprenurship , management work. Many top business school are finding it difficult to get placements for their students. But beating the blues of job scarcity is the field of Big Data that has created an uproar in job market. Companies are constantly in look out for right skilled person who is tech savy, engineer, developer and analyzer who can create magic with numbers. To improve your chance of landing in the dream company and job in Big Data field, get yourself enrolled today for Big Data Certifications,course. Some important big data technologies like Spark ,Hadoop, Storm, ?NoSQL are high in demand. A conclusive proof of their demand is available at Glassdoorr where search for “ Big Data jobs” pops up 53k+ vacancies and professionals in this field with Data science certifications,command a salary receipt of $90,000 per annum.

Who are eligible for Certification?

Anyone with background in administration, analytics, data mining, business intelligence, data management can enrol themselves for certification programme. Some of the most popular courses are of Hadoop Administrator, Data analyst, ata architect, spark developer, data scientist. The choice of course to opt for depends upon the aptitude and intrest of the candidate.

Popular Courses

EMC Data Science associate – It is an ideal course for absolute begineers that trains your extensively in big data analytics, framing business question, applying analytics tools and techniques, analytics lifecycle, creating statistic model, data visualization

Certified Analytics Professional-  is a popular course among data science professional who want to escalate their skills set and build up on their professional experience. A person with Ba or BS degree, 3-7 years of professional experience and conformation of soft skills by current or previous employer are only eligible to enrol for this online course.

Cloudera Certified Adminsitrator for Apache Hadoop – As mentioned earlier proficiency in Hadoopadminsitration is high in demand. This Big data certification covers topics HDFS to cluster planning and administration, monitoring and logging, and resource management. It adds a lot of weightage and creditbility to the skill of HadoopAdminstration

HDP Certifed Apache Spark Developer- For professionals working with Spark SQL and Spark Core application in Python and Scala can enrol themselves for this course offered by Hortonworks and earn for themselves a performance based certification for Sparks. The test involves practical evaluation on installation of Horton works products.

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