The Evolution of Social Media Posts Ranking In Google SERPs

If you think SEO is still the main method of getting exposure to your website or blog, it’s not what you think it is.

In the 2000’s, SEO specialists and internet marketers are relying more on gaining brand exposure by doing the traditional way of optimizing their websites. Now that the game has changed, SEO is not the top priority of brands to boost their exposure.

It’s social media!

For the next couple of years, you will see a big rise in social network posts that can be optimized in the search engines. The indexing of Twitter and Facebook is simply the start. There are some cases that certain posts on LinkedIn are now ranking in page one based on the keywords they’ve optimized. Not only that social media is dominating, video clips are on the roll too!

Are video clips dominating the Google search?

Video clips are continuously showing up on the very first web page of Google for affordable keywords. It appears Google is trying to rate the worth of a website by the viral nature of the video clip agent of its remarks and also web page sights. It might simply aid you place well in the search engines.Youtube videos are always the first ones on the list, while you can only see other video platforms such as Vimeo and Dailymotion who are appearing in the Google SERPs.

Will optimized social media posts can make a difference?

Back in the early days, webmasters are using their websites to do proper on and off-page optimization to rank well in Google and other search engines around the corner. However, it turns out that social media has opened the door for them to explore alternative opportunities that would give them much more results than before. When you search for a popular name like Britney Spears for example, social media profiles of her are appearing in the first page of Google search results. How amazing is that, you know?

Viral marketing on the go?

One of the trends that you need to look in promoting your brand is no other than viral marketing? Did you see memes? Viral videos? Instagram-edited photos and so much more? The crucial term in this whole subject is “worth” as well as “viral”. If Google will certainly award web content based on its viral nature, you require to use worth to your site visitors. Connect the video clip to your web site so individuals recognize the beginning of the material. Once it goes viral, Google will take notice and may praise your site in getting a lot of natural organic traffic. Viral marketing could work well in ranking your websites, videos and landing pages on Google and other search engines.

What are you going to expect in the next few years?

In the next few years, you will get a lot of surprises in these huge SEO and social media trends like video storytelling, virtual reality, live streaming, expired content and so much more. Expect that there will be tons of opportunities you can do to rank your social media post in Google.

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