How to get your business online

If your business isn’t online at this moment then you are already missing out on some incredible opportunities. Don’t hesitate to start working on your website right away and if you’re not sure how to go about the task, here is a short guide.Step1: Research and register your domain name. If you already own a business then, ideally, your domain name would simply be the name of your business. However, you will need to check the availability of your chosen domain name and it might already be taken by someone else. In which case, you have the option of either purchasing the domain name from the current owner or changing it slightly. Once you have decided on your domain name you can register my new business online.

Step 2: Design the website. If you’re uncertain how to create a website then it would be best for you to hire a professional to design it for you. However, if you’re short on money, you can use sites like WordPress and Squarespace to use pre-set designs, although this route is bound to be more time consuming. You should also keep in mind that if you intend for people to be able to purchase products or services through your website you will need to decide on the tools and processes necessary to do so.

Step 3: Create and upload content. Similar to designing the website, you have the option to work alone or hire someone to create your website content. While a copywriter can provide you with good quality written content, other types of media – images, videos, audio etc. – must be of the best possible quality to represent your business in the best possible way.

Step 4: Sort out any legal necessities. There are certain legal concerns that direct relate to running a business online. So, before your website goes live, consult a legal professional to create relevant contracts, agreements and terms and conditions associated with your online business.

Step 5: Launch your website and publicise it. While you might be thinking that simply flicking a switch will have people flocking to your website, up to 500 websites are created every minute and yours is just one of them. You need to utilise SEO and find means of advertising your business online. Effective SEO strategies will improve your website’s ranking on search engines, thus bringing in more visitors and businesses, and use Google Analytics to track the growth of your website.

Step 6: Stay up to date and keep your website well-maintained. Keeping your website relevant and up-to-date is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that people keep visiting it. Upload onto your website promotional offers and information on new products or services as often as possible and use news and blog pages to keep your website fresh. For added publicity and to add an extra feature to customer service, create social media accounts for your business where you can promote your business and keep in contact with loyal and potential customers.

Running a website successfully can be a full time job, so don’t abandon it once you feel it is “finished”. Continue to work on and improve it to get the best possible results.

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