6 Mobile App Marketing Trends You Need To Boost Conversions

6 Mobile App Marketing Trends You Need To Boost Conversions

Mobile app development may be challenging in itself but when it comes to mobile app marketing, it’s even more challenging. You really need to focus on the latest marketing trends to keep pace with the competition and find out how you can be better. Whether you are marketing mobile apps for designers or any other type of apps, you really need to keep your focus on 6 main mobile app marketing trends to boost conversions. Let’s discover more about these popular marketing trends.

  1. Focus More On Engagement Rather Than Installs

Now this one is more of a principle rather than a popular trend. Actually, the perception of users about digital tools has changed. Couple of years back, if someone was using same apps just because of their habits, you now have to win them daily. There are a lot of choices available to everyone these days and if some of them stop endeavoring, nobody will bother noticing them.

Now what this means is that the marketing strategy you need to pursue should not just limit to activations and acquisitions. Engagement of your users and their retention turn out to be the reference points for your marketing efforts in the long run.

  1. App Personalization

It is important for you to grab the location data for your users and serve them with only relevant information related to your services or products based on their specific location. Such personalized experience will give them a special feel and targeted engagement programs will arouse their interest and help you retain them for a long period of time.

  1. Use Every Potential Medium

If you really want to survive in a competitive marketplace, a proper marketing strategy must be formulated. It should use every potential medium for targeting the desired audience. Have an understanding of how your users think and what media they’re connected to throughout the day including social media, web, wearable devices, etc. When you are able to leverage all the potential media connecting your users, it strengthens your marketing manifolds.

  1. Pay Attention To The Load Speeds Of Your Mobile Site

If the customers do not find whatever they are in search of within three seconds, you risk losing them. Every single second that elapses afterward reduces your conversion rate by 20 percent. Removing mobile friction through relentless split-testing, user testing and enhancements to features can help you achieve more than 70% increase in your sales. When you focus on the speed of your mobile site, it will ensure that your brand is delivering top-notch consumer experience. Besides, it will be helpful in ranking well when it comes to mobile searches.

  1. Take Advantage Of Google AMP

In coming years, more and more companies will be shifting to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP which ensures that mobile pages load up with lightning fast speeds. As Google prefers that all its users get the best possible experience, AMP is a step forward in that same direction.

  1. Wearable Devices Are Growing In Popularity

It is also very important that the apps must not just be restricted to mobile platforms. Internet of Things seems to be coming on top and it’s high time to start including wearables into your marketing strategy to boost conversions. With a market for these devices continuously on the rise, you really should put great emphasis on this marketing aspect. People need omnichannel experience these days and building a marketing strategy that covers the web, mobile, wearable and social platforms can help you rise to the top.

So, these are the top mobile app marketing trends that you must follow this year and beyond. It will boost your conversions and will put your business on the right track.

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